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Unity UI Dropdown Menu

Learn about the Unity UI Dropdown Menu

Daniele Quero, PhD
3 min readMay 13, 2024


The Dropdown component in Unity is a UI element presenting a list of options to the user. When clicked, it displays a dropdown list from which the user can choose one option.

This UI object is a must when you provide the user with a choice.

The Dropdown component inherits from the Selectable interface, so it is interactable and responds to events.

Let’s look into the inspector to see all the Dropdown component properties.

Unity Dropdown component properties
  1. Template represents the blueprint of the option objects as they will appear once the dropdown has been opened. It is a deactivated object.
  2. Caption Text holds the text of the currently selected option, the user's choice. Unfortunately, the dropdown has a default selection, which you can modify via the value property.
  3. Caption Image is the link to an optional Image — you’ll need it to associate each option with a little sprite icon.
  4. Value is the zero-based index number of the current selection in the Dropdown. Changing this value in the editor will set the default option. You can also access it via script.
  5. Options is a list of items — the possible choices. Each one consists of a…



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