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Mama Won’t Let Anyone Dirty Get Through

They’re out of your league. All of them.

Daniele Quero, PhD
2 min readJul 14


All my erotic stories come from memories, experiences, 
fantasies or personal desires.
Will you guess where this one was taken?

They’re out of your league. All of them.

My sweet child, you are a princess, an angel on earth and they’re brutes, troglodytes, animals. Simply not enough for you.

Your father keeps playing it cool, friendly to anyone, giving away chances as if our daughter shouldn’t need protection, shouldn’t need selection.

Fortunately, there is me. I love you so much, sweet child of mine, I know you’re going to understand that this is all for you.

You first brought Jordan home for dinner.
It took you four months to forgive me for sucking his dick in the bathroom: a test he didn’t pass. He cheated on you so easily, plus he was not so well equipped, as you would deserve.

The same for Tony.
He had a really good thick cock, but come on! He chose to put it dry in my ass before in yours. A lowlife! Weak in the flesh and the spirit, not suited for you. Another test, and again four fucking months for you to forgive me.

I know it is hard to take, that it seems your mother is cruel to you. I’m also aware that telling you this while Idiot-Rob is sucking on my clit may seem excessive, but take a look!

Is it your legs around his neck or mine?

Right! So, again, you chose poorly!

No dear, you can’t join.
This is no party. This is a lesson. Once I finish this, he’s going to leave our house for good.

And know that testing your friends is taking a lot of time, lately, and I neglected my wife-duties too much! All for you. So, please, show some respect for the efforts your parent are making for you, and a little love won’t hurt.

You are 30, for fuck’s sake! So, please dear, stop crying and go downstairs to your father. Get him ready, as I taught you: hard, wet and slippy.

That’s a cock you should keep as a model!

Go, I’m cuming.



Daniele Quero, PhD

A professional developer with passion for game developing and skill-growing. A former Nuclear Physics Researcher who changed his life to pursue his dreams