Cutscenes — Part 4: Activation Track

Objective: Learn the next Timeline feature, Activation Tracks, and apply them to the stealing card cutscene

Now that we’re happy with hour cutscene, the camera pan movements and cuts between cameras, it’s time to polish it: we’re going to use an old style technique to make Darren actually remove the card from the sleeping guard.

This old style way would be the simple deactivation of the card gameobject (yes it’s a game object of itself, you can find it among the children of the guard actor). But we have to do it at the exact time Darren hand reaches it, in order to have the most realistic effect (the most realistic one, given this old style way). For this, a new Timeline feature comes to help: Activation Track.

Let’s add a new Activation track as we did for animation and cinemachine ones. Activation tracks works in a very straightforward way: given a gameobject reference, the gameobject itself would be active just during the track.

Using the white cursor in time line we can easily find the right moment when Darren puts his hand on the card. Now can adjust the track length, to make it stop right at that moment. Don’t forget drag the reference to the card object!

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