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Ancient Language Unintelligible Text Game Feature

Remaking game features in Unity

Daniele Quero, PhD
4 min readSep 7

As a gamer, a software engineer, and a game dev-wannabe, every time I play video games I end up wondering if I could remake THAT game feature on my own.

I decided to give answers to those questions, in the form of small Unity projects.

Ancient Language Unintelligible Text

I recall, from playing the Survivor remake of the Tomb Rider series, a feature of Lara needing to get more proficient in several ancient languages in order to translate inscriptions of growing complexity, otherwise unintelligible.

Can I remake it?

The Feature

I’m going to reverse my usual approach and show you the final result. Then I’ll dive deep into the technical details I find more interesting.

I prepared a small Unity scene, with an input field, some buttons, a slider, and a dropdown menu. The user can choose between several languages and adjust the proficiency level — in 10% steps — to appreciate this feature.

The idea is that if the player is 0% proficient, nothing should be readable, as if even the alphabet is unknown and unintelligible. With growing proficiency, the text should get more and more readable and understandable.

To make words unintelligible, according to proficiency:

  • At 0%, every letter is covered up.
  • In the range of 10–90%, the letters of the words are shuffled, with a decreasing number of affected words as the proficiency grows.
  • At 100%, the text is perfectly readable in English.



Daniele Quero, PhD

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