Objective: make the player die and respawn after falling of a platform

How to make the player die by falling?

Well, the solution to the problem lies beneath the solution to another one: how do I detect a falling off a platform?

We could check for y-position being lower than…

Objective: script a moving platform with modular path

Another evergreen platform component is the moving platform. We are going to create and script it in a modular way, so we can easily duplicate its behaviour and just change the waypoints defining the path.

Yes, waypoints. In fact I’m going to…

Objective: make the camera follow the character… but not just follow, not just always

Cool stuff ahead!

I wanted to make the camera follow the player when moving, but not always. …

Objective: make the coins collectable

In order to have a true platform game, we have to collect coins or whatsoever. Since both coins and player have a collider it will be very simple.

Let’s create a separated script for the player CollectionManager.

As usual, we are going to switch…

Objective: build a fun and dynamic UI

My idea here is to have a UI display of lives and coins which resembles the real in-game player and coins!

After creating the canvas, I set it up in this way:

Objective: initial setup of the game objects and of the Character Controller

The next project in my “to do” list is platform. I’m going to go with a 2.5D setup, meaning that the gameplay will take place on 2D but all objects and effects are actually 3D.

The first thing…

Objective: implement a player movement through WASD axis

Now that the game is almost ready I submitted it to a close friend of mine, as passionate as me about gaming. …

Objective: set up an effective loading screen with a progression bar

I think this feature is one of the most used and important in game developing. …

Objective: play a footstep sound, as accurately timed as possible, during Darren and guards walking

Footstep sounds are mandatory for an adequately immersive gameplay. But how can we play them? How can we repeat them at each step?

At first, I wanted to try and modify di walking routine in…

Daniele Quero, PhD

A professional developer with passion for game developing and skill-growing. A former Nuclear Physics Researcher who changed his life to pursue his dreams

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